Blue Tile to Badass Bachelor pad

This client works in downtown Chicago, and was looking to update the terribly outdated space he had just bought.

Knowing he was going to need a full 2nd bedroom, we moved the wall out a couple feet and raised the walls all the way to the ceiling to create privacy. Adding a door was

The guest bath was a fun surprise- after we took out the tub it turns out there was about 12" of empty space behind the wall. This gave us the space to make an extra large walk-in shower. Floating vanity and beautiful striations in the tile help the room flow horizontally, extending the feel of the space.  

The kitchen was a blast- with an unusually large island we achieved a seamless silestone top with mitered edges. This took a feat of 7 men, 14 flights of stairs, and 3 hours to accomplish without a nick. Whew! By squaring off the rounded wall, we were able to extend the kitchen several feet creating more of an entertaining centered space. 

In the living room, the fake fireplace was removed gaining space for the master bedroom, and by relocating the TV wiring to another wall we were able to reconfigure the flow and layout of the furniture.