Modern, approachable, and sexy bachelor pad

This client was a referral, and I had so much fun working on it! The first thing out of his mouth was: "What do you know about stocks and bonds?" Thinking this is some kind of trick question, I pause, then reply, "Absolutely nothing". He said "Good, thats about how much I know about design." He was such a pleasure to work with, and allowed me a lot of creative freedom. In the Sexton Building, I now have many projects in progress, but knocking into a giant pillar of drywall in the middle of the room and discovering the iron I-beam hidden behind it has become my high points while working on the concrete side of this building. As you can see, I created a staggered light fixture that fits neatly inside the I-beam- and at the end of each strand is a different size/shape of Edison bulb. Also, the waterfall theme in the master bathroom where the tile spills out the shower and onto the floor was subtly mimicked in the guest bath by using dark charcoal tiles that have streaks of white quartz running vertically thru-  that fill the back wall, onto the shower floor (all hand cut) and again spilling onto the floor all the way to the opposite wall. Also, the sink top on the floating vanity was a total find- I have never seen a stone like it, and it has very subtle lines that flow right along with the tile. We are currently working on a wine fridge/bar- pics of that soon!